St. Patrick Senior Center, Inc.
58 Parsons St.
Detroit, MI 48201-2202
313-833-7080 • 313-833-0128 (fax)
Sharing, Caring and Loving the Elders We Serve Since 1973
Racine Dominicans, Founders
Membership is open to everyone meeting age requirements

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St. Patrick Senior Center Board 0f Directors

Executive Committee: 

Jimmy Roberts, Chairperson 

John Bentley, Vice Chairperson

Sandra A. Coleman, Secretary

Frank Crawford, Treasurer

Sr. Mary Watson, Founder


Pamela Beech  v  Michael Chateau v   Melinda Clemons 

Michael J. Harning v Faith Hopp v  Barbara Jean Johnson 
  Donna McAllister  v  Sharon McWhorter  v  Patrick O’Hara  
Rose Parker v   Patricia Rencher  v Barbara Stevenson

SaTrice Coleman-Betts, Executive Director

Patricia Battersby, Legal Counsel